Khapli/Emmer Wheat – A 10,000 year old super food

Khapli/Emmer Wheat or Farro Wheat or Heirloom Wheat are ancient grains which are elegantly long, like basmati, compared to the plump nubs of modern wheat.

This ancient grain can be cultivated in semi-desert areas too, which was also useful for the humans who first gathered, then started farming it. Thus Emmer spread across the ancient world, reaching the Indus Valley around 7000-5000 BCE, while it was being consumed widely in the Sahara, Egyptian Deserts.

Emmer Wheat has a subtly nutty sweetness and, unlike millets which get gluey or coarsely heavy when cooked, emmer has more of the versatility of wheat, making good rotis. Emmer generally has lower amounts of gluten and its structure is quite different than regular wheat. Most often, Emmer is well tolerated by those with gluten intolerances or other wheat allergies.

It has a higher fiber and antioxidant compound concentrations (polyphenols, and carotenoids) when compared with common wheat. The low glycemic index value and high satiety value of emmer wheat make it particularly suitable for special diets, e.g. diabetes. The digestibility of the Emmer wheat starch is slower compared to that of other modern wheat. Thus, it is preferred for preparing hypoglycemic foods, which are suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

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