Prunes – How much sugar does it have?

Prunes, often consumed as a natural remedy to constipation across age groups. Prunes are a wonderful addictive dry fruit, which is rich in fibre and taste with more than 23 nutrients which makes it a super food.

Naturally dried pitted prunes have about 11 grams of sugar per 100 grams. The taste of such prunes is rather tangy and just a little sweet, as when the plums are dried and loose the juice, they also loose some of the natural sugar.

Unfortunately, most of the commercially available prunes in India have added sugar (sometimes as high as 30gms per 100gms) to increase the sweetness and more importantly to reduce the cost. Such prunes might taste very sweet, but the added sugar puts most of the age groups consuming at risk of diabetes, obesity and other illnesses related with added sugar.

At BerriNutty, our purpose is to promote healthy snacking, that’s why when we brought BerriNutty Pitted Prunes (unsweetened) to compliment your need of natural dried fruits and berries.

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