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Best Quality Organic Products

Direct from Proud Indian Farmers

Swabhiman is a socially conscious, traceable, organic produce brand. We aimed to build a system that would benefit the farmers and use technology to simplify the agricultural supply chain. Like the word itself explains, Swabhiman means self-respect and with this brand we are trying to represent the farmer’s self-respect and what drives him to product traceable, best quality products.

With Swabhiman we are committed to improving the environmental footprint of food production, with a positive food ethic for a healthier world, which means that everything we do is traceable and sustainable.

We believe in mutual benefits and everyone involved in the process should be able to profit from it. Swabhiman33 is dedicated to the cause of inclusive development. We share our revenue with the farmers, which acts as a driving force and motivation for the farmers to join in the organic revolution. We contribute Rs. 33 per Rs. 1000 of our revenue to the farmer from whom the organic products have been procured.

Get to know your farmer each batch is tracked and the information is shared with you through our proprietary Know Your Farmer traceability technology.

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